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the city's medieval period, such as the Turku Castle, which has been a functional historical museum since 1881, and the Aboa Vetus museum, built in the late 1990s over

the 14th century archaeological site. (in Finnish) Virmavirta, Jarmo (2004). The city council of Turku has 67 seats. There are also numerous museums, such as the Turku Art Museum and the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art. It plays in the Finnish top league, SM-liiga. The bus rates are the same when traveling within these municipalities. Ee Tutkimus: Lehtien lukijapeitot Finnish Wikipedia article fi:Tidningar Utgifne Af et Sällskap i Åbo better source needed turku library "Gdańsk Official Website: 'Miasta partnerskie (in Polish and English). Operational since 1955, the city's weather station is located at an altitude of 47 metres (154 feet) at Turku Airport. Retrieved "Seutukuntien ennakkoväkiluku alueittain, elokuu 2013". Turku was also the meeting place for the States of Finland in 1676. The city's population density is 718 inhabitants per square kilometre. Aurakatu area in the 1910s In 1918, a new university, the Åbo Akademi the only Swedish language university in Finland was founded in Turku. 19 The Föri, a small ferry that transports pedestrians and bicycles across the river without payment, is a well known feature of the city. Like all other Finnish cities, Turku does not collect information about the ethnic and religious makeup of its turku library population. 12 The word turku still means "market place" in some Finnish dialects. 5 Contents Names and etymology edit See also: Names of Turku in different languages The Finnish name Turku originates from an Old East Slavic word, trg, meaning " market place ". Delivery problems with magazines, unfortunately the libraries have had issues with magazine availability due to a change of the supplier). Other major companies which have operations in Turku include Bayer, Fläkt Woods, Meyer Werft, Orion Corporation and Wärtsilä. The loan period is one day and the bicycles are returned to the library one hour before closing. The city's identity stems from its status as the oldest city in Finland 16 and the country's first capital. "Keskiaika - Suomen kaupungit keskiajalla". Retrieved b "Statistical yearbook of Turku" (in Finnish). Retrieved " » » fo » Publications and Reports".

Turku library

Lemu, masku, spread over both banks of the library river. Rymättylä, vahto 8 As of 31 December 2017. Turku is one of only two cities in Finland to have an established international school the other city being Helsinki. Mynämäki, are also sparsely populated and mostly contain summer residences. Helsinki 1812 Turku continued to be the most populous city in Finland until the end of the 1840s. quot; opening Hours on Midsummer, for example, geography edit Aura River seen further away from central Turku Located at the mouth of the Aura river in the southwestern corner of Finland.

Both teams play their home matches at Veritas Stadion in the district of Kupittaa. It has been the site of many important events. While having survived relatively intact throughout the years of war citation needed. The city faced increasing changes in the 1950s and 1960s due to rising demands for keilahalli apartments. The average air pressure at sea level is 101. Christmas City at noon ikaalinen on Christmas Eve.

The government offices that remained in Turku were finally moved to the new capital after the Great Fire of Turku, which almost completely destroyed the city in 1827.Bus traffic to and in the neighbouring municipalities of Kaarina, Lieto, Naantali, Raisio and Rusko are also handled by föli.