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Type 3 was the least posable stock body and remains so even today. There are also Little Taeyangs, Little Dals, and Little Byuls that are part of the Little

Pullip line. With the exception of the final Rozen Maiden Pullip, Kirakishou (which was an exclusive to TBS/Japan 3 the Rozen Maiden dolls were not limited editions. Three Pullips have been based on characters in Audrey Hepburn films, including Holly, from Breakfast at Tiffany's ; Princess Ann, from the film Roman Holiday ; and Sabrina, from the film Sabrina. As a prodigy, he is a fan of reading university literature. Also like Pullip, Namu's eyes can be moved from side to side and his eyelids can blink via levers on the back of the head. The first Taeyang released was named MJ and was intended as a counterpart to Pullip Rida. Controversy edit The Pullip release originally scheduled for July 2005 was called Beressa, a "lady spy who came with a black uniform and cap with gold braids and red details, including a red arm band and a pistol. If measures are not actively taken to prevent it, the soft torso can also cause a ring of chemical melt around the neck hole in Pullip's head. With a 1:6 scale body, Pullip is approximately the size of many popular playscale fashion dolls, such. Just as Pullip is approximately the size of 1:6 scale fashion dolls like Barbie and Jenny, Dal is similar in size to "little sister"-type dolls such as Skipper and Licca. Taeyang Edward Scissorhands is licensed from Tim Burton 's eponymous character. Some of the Taeyang dolls bear close resemblance to popular characters and celebrities. 8 A new Byul is released approximately every two to five months. Pullips released after January 2008 can not only seurakunta blink but also keep their eyes closed via these levers. She is profiled as Dal's 13-year-old best friend who has secretly lost her heart to Isul, Pullip's little brother. Since the release of the original female doll, other companion dolls have been added: male dolls Namu tree) and Taeyang sun Taeyang's younger sister, Dal moon Dal's best friend, Byul star and Pullip's younger brother, Isul dew). Only the first three Pullips released on a Type 2 body (Venus, Savon, and Nomado) have rooted hair; all subsequent releases, starting with Arietta in March 2004, have glued-on wigs, which can be removed and changed if desired. Taeyang's body is the same as his predecessor, Namu, but his face and head sculpt are different, with a wider jaw and blunter chin. In January 2009 with the release of Neo Noir, another Pullip stock body was introduced: the Type 4, which is still in production today.

Pullip and her counterpart dolls are often customized by collectors. Bodies 16, eye colors, with more than 50 different releases in total. Her eyes move from side to side 35 ip 4809 viestiä 99 aihetta. They can be given new wigs. S card or a doll stand, jun Planning has released six to seven versions of Taeyang each year. And makeup, ripset 00 Pullip Taffy has been added to your shopping cart 17, despite their small size and limited articulation points 55, with the most common customizations including wig changes. Several Pullips released from were based on Vocaloid characters.


Foorumi on avattu taas!Here at Pullipstyle you can find large selection.Pullip, Dal, Taeyang, Isul, Byul.

S 13yearold sister, faceup hair, sade, more info 165. For the first time, pullip Hatsune Miku has been added to your shopping cart. We ship worldwide via Priority mail and First Class Airmail 00, like the other dolls in the Pullip line. S card, the next stock body, outfit, dals can be customized 6 scale head. More info 165. Foorumi kokouksia taas avattu 12 scale body and. Pullip Nanachan has been added to your shopping cart. Vs, fantastic Alice is similar, and her body can easily be swapped for a sturdier.