Team Can Be Venture took on RAAM

RAAM is the Race Across America, a grueling event that requires strength, stamina, teamwork, and support.  It is challenging enough for the typical riders who pedal towards the finish, but even more so for Team Can Be Venture, a team of handcyclists.

Some of the support crew have been blogging for Team Can Be Venture during the race. Take a look for access to photos and video. But this sums things up rather well:

I talked to a few members of the RAAM staff this afternoon. Each of them said how incredible Team Can Be Venture is. It got me thinking. They are an incredible group of racers (and crew – we can’t forget them). No, they are an incredible group of individuals.RAAM is simply (not to be mistaken for a simple race) an example of what these men are about. This is a hard race - ok, a very hard race for anyone, for everyone. So yes, it might be considered more difficult because the bikes weigh so much more and it’s more difficult to climb (that’s a bit obvious since it’s never been done before) – but they didn’t want an extended time allotment. They were going to do this race as they tackle everything else – by the same rules that apply for the masses.

Well done!