About BikeAble

Our Mission

BikeAble’s mission is to connect people with physical limitations to the bikes and trikes that will enable them to get out and ride. That is, Putting People to Pedals™.

Every time we work with somebody to further this mission, we take the information gathered and the lessons learned to enrich the BikeAble web site so that others can benefit from a variety of experiences and a broad knowledge of what can be achieved. Our hope is that everyone who needs help will receive it, whether that’s through our consultancy or simply by scouring our resources.

About Travis Prebble, Founder and James Strickland Jr., Administrator

The first question you should ask is, “How are you qualified to do this?” The answer is simple: I’m the dad of a child with cerebral palsy; a child who wanted to ride a bike. Through my son’s growth, both physically and cognitively, I have learned a great deal about adapting for physical limitations and have interfaced with numbers of therapists both for advice and to provide suggestions. I am not licensed, certified, or educated in physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, or special education, but I am both experienced and enthusiastic.

The second question you should ask is, “Why are you doing this?” Another simple answer: my son laughs every time we go for a ride. He pedals until he’s worn out. He pushes me to go faster. He feels freedom. I can’t bring all of that to every person, but I can do my best to help. Bicycling provides an unequaled sense of liberation for young and old alike. For some, it is also a form of independence. These are both qualities that drive those unwilling to accept their physical limitations as lifestyle limitations.

James Strickland Jr.

I joined BikeAble about a month after I had posted on a popular social network that I wanted to start a page about cycling and disabilities. My friend Travis told me about BikeAble, it sounded like what I had wanted to start to begin with so I was more than eager to Join Travis.  My son of five years Aaron, has Autism.  I started taking him for rides when he was three and after a few rides together I realized that he was becoming more receptive to his surroundings and becoming more outgoing, the rides we take together helps my son to get more comfortable with the outside world and it just makes me happy to spend time with him,  just my son and I.  Cycling can help children as well as adults that have any type of disability.

About BikeAble

BikeAble is the realization of my desire to help others discover or rediscover the joy of cycling, much as I did when enabling my own son to take to the roads with feet on pedals.

After months of research, brainstorming, purchasing, and modification for my son’s bicycle, I realized that there are other people that could benefit from a resource that provides that knowledge to inform their own searches for solutions. Thus, BikeAble was born.

At this time, BikeAble is a two person operation. It is also a free service run in the spare time of its founder and administrator. As such, please be understanding if it takes a day or two to receive communications from us.