Lightfoot Cycles Two-Fun

Over the course of four months, BikeAble has found itself recommending one bike again and again for a variety of situations. That bike is the Lightfoot Cycles Two-Fun, a hybrid tandem that features a full recumbent trike up front and the rear 2/3 of an upright bike in the back.


The Two-Fun is ideal in situations where assistance is required but some sense of independence is desired.  In its stock configuration, the Two-Fun has a steering system that is link to a set of grips at the rear of the front trike.  This allows for control from behind both for a second cyclist or for someone simply walking/pushing from the back (the rear bike is easily detached).

So how is it that we’ve managed to mention this tandem to so many people lately?  Simple – we’ve had questions come in from folks who have very unique situations and all of them require an assistant for propulsion and control.

lightfoot-cycles-two-fun-4The first instance was for a student who had outgrown her guided trike.  Guided trikes are relatively common for children from toddlers to early teens, but that particular market does not usually extend to products for adults.  This student, however, had reached adult size and would soon need a guided solution in order to continue her therapeutic cycling.

The Two-Fun fit the bill easily as a adult guided trike.  By removing the back bike half of the Two-Fun, the attendant is able to push the trike along using the rear grips and provide steering through the same.  The trike is able to be modified to suit the student’s positioning needs.  And, on top of that, the trike can be converted to a fixed gear transmission so that the student receives the therapeutic range of motion activity that she needs.

The second instance was for an individual who wished to include an elderly family member on rides.  The elderly rider was described as being unable to cycle indepdently.  There are a few possible solutions for this scenario (using wheelchair bikes), but the Two-Fun was the solution that had a comfortable seat height, lateral seat supports, access to pedals for what assistance the rider can provide, and the ability to become an independent trike should the elderly rider wish to attempt solo cycling at some point in the future.

lightfoot-cycles-two-fun-3The third instance was one rather close to my heart – a father/son cycling need.  The needs are slightly reversed here, though.  In this case, the father wanted to ride recumbent and maintain control of the bike while his 34 year old son with a developmental disability wanted to remain on an upright bike.  Bikes such as the Hase Pino and Bilenky Viewpoint would not work in this scenario as both place the control of the bike with the upright rider in the rear.

The Two-Fun would work well for this team as the controls from the rear could be disconnected so that the father can maintain all steering, shifting, and pace control from the comfort of a recumbent trike while his son enjoys the upright position he so desires.

Is it any wonder we keep coming back to the Two-Fun as an incredibly versatile accessible cycling solution?  Its flexibility and customizability mean that it can suit nearly any mixed ability tandem need.  On top of that, Lightfoot Cycles has a strong history of supporting special needs with a wide range of product.

Unfortunately, Lightfoot Cycles does not list the price of the Two-Fun on their site.  We do know that the Two-Fun without the rear bike runs for $3600.  Guessing from that, we would expect the full Two-Fun to cost in the $4300 range.

More information on the Two-Fun can be found at the Lightfoot Cycles web site.